Cancellation and Refund Policy

From time to time an author may wish to retract a manuscript after it has been submitted.

It is the author's prerogative to change your mind. And an author can withdraw a Book for free as long as they do so within 3 days of their original submission.
The Publisher carries out the whole process in a timely and punctual manner, so you also have to bear the costs and bear the expenses, e.g. B. the payment of reviewers and full-time fellows. of purchasing the service.

1) Refund is full and money will be returned to you if the work does not reach the verification stage.
2) Refund is full and the money will be returned to you if the work is not accepted.
3) It gives no refund or debt relief if the author withdraws his work from consideration; or if he refuses to review and resubmit them.
4) There are no refunds or debt relief once the work has been published.
5) There will be no refund or debt relief if the work is removed due to copyright infringement claims.
6) After the number/indexing has been published, the author cannot correct the Book. If the author wants to correct the book after the number has been published, he will have to pay an additional charge according to the changes in the book.
7) The refund will be made online mode in 10-15 working days.
The incorrectly deposited money or the money from the additional deposit will be refunded within 03 weeks if the respective author informs us within 02 days of the deposit date.

Refunds or cancellations of debts will be made strictly according to the following guidelines if the author withdraws his article from consideration; or if you refuse to review and resubmit the manuscript after two business days.


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